Home Staging

We dress your home for success

Back in 2002, when the local industry was booming, homes were selling for twice their current market value. Estate Agents were not interested in home staging concept. We focus at “dressing” a home for sale so that it appeals to a greater variety of potential buyers, at a better selling price. This does not necessarily entail a total makeover; it can be something as small as changing the colour of the curtains or lifting the carpet. With our interior décor’ experience and advanced 3D technology we aim to ensure the saleability of the house.


Residential Developments
We offer Sales and Marketing services on new developments and affordable housing projects.

Residential Properties

Our proven real estate expertise will save you time and money. Our strategies are structured in such a way that we are able to match your home with the right willing and able buyer.   

Property Management

Black Diamond Properties will ensure that leasing of your property is well managed, by addressing maintenance issues, doing a thorough credit checks on potential tenants, advertising, payments collection and insurance cover for our Landlords.

Mortgage Financing

Black Diamond Properties provides an in house bond originating services. Our qualified team of Real Estate Agents will assist you and take you through every stage of the transaction.